Why Is Compounding Needed?

Over the past few decades, modern medicine, despite all of its great advancements and progress, has evolved into a "one-size-fits-all" approach. Drug manufacturers, in order to remain profitable, are limited to mass producing medication in the most popular doses or dosage forms. However, many people have unique health conditions that cannot be met by this "one-size-fits-all" approach.

When Are Compounded Medications Necessary?

  • You are unable to tolerate the components of a commercially available medication, such as dyes, lactose, gluten, GMO ingredients, preservatives, sugar, or alcohol.
  • You are unable to take a medication due to side effects.
  • Standard treatments have failed and an alternative is needed.
  • The standard dosage form may be unsuitable for you and the medication is easier to administer in a different form (e.g. a lolli-pop, transdermal cream, liquid, suppository).
  • A medication is no longer commercially available, or is on back order.
  • The current strength or flavor of a medication is not optimal for you.
  • Your medication may need to be formulated into extended release to improve compliance.

How Can Compounding Help?

Recently, the demand for professional compounding has increased. Healthcare professionals and patients alike have realized that the limited number of strengths and dosage forms that are commercially available do not meet the needs of many patients. Advances in compounding such as modern technology, innovative techniques, and research has resulted in a variety of options for patients and prescribers. A compounding pharmacist can work closely with you and your doctor to customize a treatment to solve your unique medical needs.

How Is A Compounding Pharmacy Different?

Our pharmacy staff has undergone rigorous training in the art of preparing custom-made medications. When preparing medications in our state of the art laboratory, specialized equipment is used to ensure that only the highest quality compounded medications are dispensed to our patients. Capsule machines, ointment mills, and an electronic mortar and pestle are some of the equipment unique to our pharmacy that you will not find in most retail pharmacies. Advanced Rx takes every step possible to provide safe, high quality, consistent compounds for our patients.